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PR spinners test African business leaders on ethics and morality – results to be released at PR conference

PR spinners test African business leaders on ethics and morality – results to be released at PR conference

President of the African Public Relations Association, Mr Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, is inviting all PR practitioners across the continent to participate in an online survey to determine the importance of ethical decisions and behaviour in business.

The survey results will be released at the 31st APRA conference in Kigali, Rwanda, running from 13 to 17 May 2019.

Badejo-Okusanya said ethical decision-making has become paramount not only on a personal level, but also in a business and governmental capacity. This will be the conference focus, exploring ways that PR practitioners can spin their organisations’ tales in such a way to help change the entire continent’s narrative. The core principle the association wants to determine is whether ethics and reputation have a role to play in this narrative.

The PR association, in partnership with the market research agency, Reputation Matters, is targetting business managers and professional PR practitioners across the continent to participate in the survey.

“Your response to this study is critical to measuring the importance of ethics and reputation in Africa and providing a comparison between countries,” stated Reputation Matters Managing Director, Ms Regine le Roux.

“The survey focuses on ethics and reputation on three different levels which will help determine how these two critical factors influence storytelling and ultimately, the narrative of Africa. We invite business managers and public relations professionals to participate in the online survey,” said Badejo-Okusanya.

The survey partners conducted a similar survey in 2018 where respondents indicated that the greatest driver of ethics on an individual level is upbringing while 70% agreed that all employees are responsible for driving ethics in an organisation.

In last year’s survey, about a third of respondents indicated that they individually and their organisations have been compromised on an ethical level in the previous 12 months. Almost 100% of respondents implicated their governments in unethical behaviour.

“Although there were too few responses for the survey to be statistically accurate in 2018, it provides a good baseline of how Africa is seen and the driving forces behind individual, business, and government decisions,” said Badejo-Okusanya.

The survey in English can be completed at


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