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Written learner’s licence test well received as many pass

The written learner’s licence test which was introduced by the Roads Authority earlier this week, has been well received by the general public as many feel the test is easier than the oral test.
Thirty-five applicants are allowed to write the test per session – one in the morning and another in the afternoon each day. In the past, there has been many complaints about the oral test being too difficult and facilitators making applicants fail by confusing them.
Before the introduction of the written testing method, the testing centres only took 30 applicants per day with some centres only testing applicants on certain days.
This reporter visited Natis Valley on Wednesday and spoke to some candidates who passed the written test.
Karista Iyambo, who failed the oral test three times, said that the oral test was difficult but that she enjoyed the written test because it was easier.
“I failed the oral test three times before but when I heard the test can be written, I came and I passed. The written test was much more easier,” she said.
Another successful candidate, who got her learner’s licence, Annely Kapweya said: “the multiple question paper was very easy because it gives you time to think. If you do not understand something, you can always finish the other questions before you come back and have a look at the ones you don’t understand again.”
“With the oral test, you do not have the opportunity to think about any answers and you are graded while you have not finished the question while with the written test you are only graded after you finish the one-hour test,” she said.
Test results seen by The Economist showed that only 16 out of 69 candidates who took the learners licence test on Tuesday were unsuccessful with many scoring over 90% of the required 80% pass mark.
Speaking at launch of the written learner’s licence test on Monday, the Minister of Works and Transport, Errki Nghimtina said that the written testing method will significantly reduce the high demand for learner’s licences as tests will be conducted in large groups per session.
“The written learner’s licence testing procedures will only be implemented at major testing centre such as in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay this year. This initiative will be extended to other testing centres early next year,” he said.

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