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Investment advice from Goutam Das helps bridge the social gap – hear him in Namibia

Investment advice from Goutam Das helps bridge the social gap – hear him in Namibia

By Helena Nyau, Business Coordinator Namibia for Grand Capital

Mr Goutam Das, an investment advisor at Grand Capital for Russia and Europe, is passionate about trading and investing. Not only has he made it his life’s work to trade in many international markets across several asset classes, he is also a crusader to make trading accessible to any person, and to bring the benefit of trading to ordinary people.

As far as markets go, he is always busy, never disengaged from his core activity for very long. Even during conversations, he will still regularly check his mobile, occasionally searching for something or corresponding with one of his thousands of clients around the globe.

With any other person, this may be seen as a sign of rudeness, but according to Mr Das, a really dedicated financial advisor has no time off. “You know, with the second Brexit vote coming up, the markets are extremely volatile. People know it may go either way, and the future of the pound is unclear, so everyone naturally wants to know what to do. I can’t afford not to be up to date. They expect me to guide them,” he explains.

His investment flair is an extension of his perceptive nature. Even in a motley crowd out on the street, where someone else may see just a group of individuals, Mr Das observes every person as someone who can do better financially than what he or she has achieved so far.

“Once the news is out there, you don’t have much time to waste. You have to keep your hand on the pulse of the market, feel it, breathe it,: he said driving home his point of how important it is to stay informed.

“Trading is everywhere around you. You may think that the economy is something too large for you to acknowledge, or currency is too abstract and ethereal a notion to have any effect on your life, but you’re mistaken. It’s all part of a large fabric that constitutes life, it’s all connected and works together.”

And then comes his grand volley: “You can sit passively and let events take their course, let all that matters pass you by, or you can take that fabric into you hands and start working it.”

His career started almost 30 years ago when he first felt the then unfamiliar thrill of becoming an investor. He was 12 at the time and browsed the daily stock quotes in a newspaper. At that point he knew he wanted to buy shares and trade them.“It was very tempting, magical, almost. I couldn’t believe I could just buy a part of a very large business and turn my life around. And you know what, that is exactly what happened!”

And so he bought stocks, sold them, traded on major exchanges and as he got more and more successful, he started asking himself: what’s next? Is that it, or can I do something bigger than myself, something more than just hone my money-making skills to perfection?

That was when he was drawn to the wealth advisory practice. “I always make sure that my clients have access to all options of generating profit that are offered by modern financial markets. I want them to know their growth isn’t really limited by anything,” he said.

Today, Mr Das is an investment advisor at Grand Capital, an international brokerage company with over 500,000 clients worldwide. Some of his clients are entrepreneurs who have built their own successful financial businesses from scratch. He helps his clients find strategies they are comfortable with, regardless of whether markets are up or down in the short term. He teaches Forex trading, and a host of other modern online financial services that can help make money.

As the main speaker at many trading and investing seminars around the world, he often elaborates on Forex trading techniques, the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis, investing strategies, and he explains the use of trading software to build investment portfolios.

After a series of educational sessions in southern Africa, he’s off to Cyprus to attend a blockchain expo, then he’s in Japan to teach a trading workshop, now he’s back in Namibia, and he definitely has something special in store this time.

You can hear Mr Goutam Das speak about trading and investing at the Grand Capital Business Expo at the NIPAM head office in Olympia, Windhoek, on 02 March 2019, starting at 10:00. Registration can be done online at


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