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Propvestors services a vibrant market

Namibia has one of the most vibrant property markets in Africa. Since independence, prices of properties have been increasing exponentially. According to the survey conducted by the National Housing Enterprise (NHE), there is a shortage of 80,000 houses in Namibia, more than 50% of these being in Windhoek.
An earlier FNB House Price Index stated that there are more than 105,000 housing units short in Namibia. The Vision 2030 statement says there would be over 300,000 new housing required.
From these statistics and sentiment it is clear that the housing market does not merely suffer from undersupply, in stead it is a crisis. But this crisis creates huge opportunities for property investors to provide housing and sell them at fair profit. The opportunities in property is mostly in lower and middle cost housing, but industrial and commercial businesses also do extremely well.
In general, they say a house is for most people the biggest investment that they will ever make in their lives, and this is true also in Namibia. Housing constitutes an investment in one of the three main basic necessities, therefore as long as there is a huge crisis, prices would continue to climb. The only way to stop this phenomenal increase is to increase the supply of properties in the country. The Ministry of Local and Regional Government and Rural Development, the municipalities and the National Housing Enterprise are all working hard to make land available for developers.
There has also been an increase in demand from Angolans, South Africans and other immigrants moving to Namibia and purchasing properties. Needless to say, the high demand is here and it is here now. The result is that any property investment is good, it is only a matter of choosing the best one.  And with the increase in demand in housing, industrial and commercial property is also increasing in value and demand.  As such, these sectors also provide good investment opportunities.
The private sector is also working hard in assisting the government to mitigate the housing supply crisis.  PropVestors is one such company. PropVestors is a company that specializes in creating investment opportunities in property in Namibia.  “We have the know-how and the projects to assist an investor not only in providing the project, but also in providing assistance from municipal approvals to providing the technical team to make the project a reality. Propvestors also takes care of selling or renting the comleted units. Since Propvestors also develops its own properties, the experience and assistance the investor receives is based on first hand experience and not text book based.  As their name says ,  PropVestors is all about Property Investment.

Propvestors was established in Namibia in 2006. For property deals and investment advice, property consultation or if you would like to sell your property, please contact us at 061 – 306 470.

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