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Judiciary names process improver as first chairperson of internal audit committee

Judiciary names process improver as first chairperson of internal audit committee

A senior manager at Namibia Breweries Ltd, Ndeshi Akwenye, has just been named the chairperson of the first audit committee for the Office of the Judiciary.

Before the Judiciary became an independent government agency, Akwenye was involved then with the Department of Justice. Her work and contribution for this department revealed the value of her input, setting her up as a leading candidate to chair the Judiciary’s audit committee.

The appointment is for a three-year period.

“A person leading a committee of this nature must be seen to have the highest personal standards with regards to honesty, reliability, transparency, fairness and reliability to his/her role, and those are the key contributions amongst others that I will bring forth during my chairmanship” she commented adding that she is both excited and honoured to serve on the audit committee.

Amongst others, the audit committee manages the functional performance of the Internal Audit Division. It reviews the financial statements as well as the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and governance processes. Furthermore, it checks the adequacy, reliability and accuracy of financial information; reviews internal audit plans; oversees effective corporate governance including compliance with applicable laws, regulations and legislation, and it reviews Auditor General reports as well as and any other related function in its purview.


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