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Safer Internet Day 05 February 2019 – Together for a better internet

Safer Internet Day 05 February 2019 – Together for a better internet

Safer Internet Day is organised by the Insafe/INHOPE network with the support of the European Commission each February to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology, especially among children and young people.

In Namibia, this day is observed this year on Tuesday, 05 February. It is organised by the Namibian chapter of the Internet Society, a global organisation with over 170 organisational and more than 3 million individual members in over 190 chapters around the world.

Safer Internet Day not only covers internet security issues but also the impact it has on young users especially through social media.

According to Social Bakers ( a website monitoring Facebook traffic), 2.1% of children aged from 13 to 15 and 5.3 % aged 16 to 17 are using Facebook in Namibia.

The Internet Society Namibia said no formal protection for children exists as yet in Namibia. Child online safety is provided for in the 2017 draft version of the Electronic Transaction and Cybercrime Bill, but it only concerns pornography.

“Given this background, it is therefore important to promote child online safety by placing emphasis, not only on creating a ‘safer’ internet but also creating a better internet for children online. As we join this global campaign, we aim to reach out to all in Namibia and encourage everyone to play their part in creating a better internet.”

“Internet Society Namibia also uses this opportunity to celebrate the positive power of the internet, and encourages everyone to join the movement, to participate, and to make the most of the internet’s potential to bring people together.”

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