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Communications Regulator, Nampol strengthen investigation, search and seize exercises capacity with agreement

Communications Regulator, Nampol strengthen investigation, search and seize exercises capacity with agreement

The Namibian Police Force (Nampol) and the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) recently inked an agreement which will promote cooperation and coordination with cases where CRAN requires Nampol’s presence when conducting investigations and minimise the duplication of activities.

The agreement will enable smart partnership in respect of the laws that provides for the mandate of each entity to this agreement are different and the MoU therefore maintains the independence of each entity but allows for practice of joint power during such collaborations.

“Given the complementary powers and responsibilities of the two Authorities in respect of conducting of investigations and searches within Namibia, the MoU will establish the manner in which the Parties will interact and cooperate within the laws applicable to each” said Festus Mbandeka, Chief Executive Officer, CRAN.

He stated that CRAN is authorised to appoint Inspectors to conduct investigations in respect of any unauthorised activities related to telecommunication services and networks, broadcasting and postal services and spectrum within the borders of Namibia.

“CRAN’s Inspectors are authorised to obtain information from any person during the investigation and the Inspector may examine any book, document, telecommunication facility and equipment and any other object and demand for information as required to carry out inspections and investigations” said Mbandeka.

Furthermore, the Communications Act further provides that inspectors appointed by the Authority investigates offences prohibited by the Act and CRAN may request a Police Officer to accompany him/her while conducting such investigations. An accompanying Police Officer, may exercise any power vested in him/her in accordance by any law in the presence of CRAN Inspectors.

“The MoU thus allows for such collaborations in conducting prolific investigations as part of our individual and collective responsibilities as two prominent Authorities in Namibia,”added Mbandeka.

Caption: Festus Mbandeka, Chief Executive Officer, CRAN and Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, Inspector General of Namibian Police Force.


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