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Africa Magic on DStv 155

A new DStv channel focussing exclusively on Africa and its issues started this week. Located at Channel 155, it is available on DStv Access, Family, Compact and Premium bouquets.
The channel introduces new AfricaMagic viewers to a variety of African content and productions. This general entertainment channel offers a wide range of African programming to audiences, including re-screenings of series and movies that they may not have had the opportunity to view previously.
Some of the shows that viewers can look forward to include showbiz and entertainment show, All Access, Africa focused variety lifestyle show Studio 53 Extra, the glittering and dynamic star- studded soap opera, Tinsel and drama series Jacob’s Cross, centred around powerful oil magnates battling for Africa’s rich off-shore oil resources. There is also Creative Afrika which looks at indigenous ways Africans use their talents to create unique products and services, as well as some comic relief on the AY Show from the multi-talented stand-up comedian, Ayo Richard Makun.
Furthermore, DStv viewers will also be able to see the live screening of the first ever AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) this Saturday, 09 March at 20:00 on AfricaMagic World (155) as well as on AfricaMagic (154), AfricaMagic Entertainment (151) as well as AfricaMagic Movies (152) and AfricaMagic Movies 1 (153).

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