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Tiffany in Botswana

World famous jewellery maker, Tiffany, has just opened a diamond factory in Botswana through its local subsidiary Laurelton Diamonds Botswana.
In its weekly electronic circular, the Botswana government said the opening of the diamond polishing factory in Gaborone is “an important milestone in our country’s transformation into a fully integrated mine to market World Diamond Centre.”
Laurelton Diamonds Botswana has established a state of the art, fully integrated diamond manufacturing facility, whose finished diamonds will be incorporated into Tiffany jewellery to be sold worldwide.
Botswana’s President, Lt Gen Ian Khama said: “Laurelton Diamonds Botswana has come a long way since they launched their diamond manufacturing business. It is a far cry from the temporary office in Mogoditshane in 2007, to this 3000 sqm factory, with its cutting-edge technology and equipment.”
Batswana polishers are working to the highest international standards and are on par with polishers in Laurelton’s other factories around the world. 3262 Batswana are employed in the diamond polishing industry.
“Botswana, like the rest of the world, has traversed through turbulent times and has faced challenges in the diamond industry. As we are aware the world is faced with yet another threat of a double-dip recession fuelled by the problems in the Euro zone. We are keeping a close eye on these developments as we are aware of the consequences when our diamond production was reduced by almost half from about 33 million carats in 2008 to 17 million carats in 2009,” said Khama.

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