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Beach Volleyball teams claim victory

Namibian Junior Boys Beach Volleyball Team, Tin Hlupic & Gerard Fischer

Namibian Junior Boys Beach Volleyball Team, Tin Hlupic & Gerard Fischer

Namibia dominated in the Beach Volleyball Youth and Junior Zone VI Qualification Tournament. Only Zimbabwe and Swaziland as well as hosts Namibia managed to take part in this competition which resulted in all countries qualifying for the next round to be held next month. The qualified countries from the other zones, Zone V and Zone VII, will join Namibia, Zimbabwe at a future date yet to be announced.
Out of the four categories, three were won by the Namibian teams. Stranded in Frankfurt due to a cancelled Air Namibia flight, top Namibian Junior player, Julia Laggner was not able to take part in the competition. Namibian Coach, Achim Lueck, had to change his plan and the under 18 team (Maike Brandt and Mareike Talkenberg) moved up to play in the under 21 category while a second youth team (Kim Seebach and Stephanie Palmhert), who were on standby, played in youth category. “Fortunately we have a great youth development and a backup of players” said the coach.
The Namibian Junior boys team, Tin Hlupic and Gerard Fischer, proved once again that they are the team to beat in Southern Africa. “We were at the Youth World Championships last year and now we want to qualify for the Junior World Championship this year,” says Hlupic after an impressive victory against the Zimbawean team. The other results are as follows. In the Junior Girls (under 21). Maike Brandt and Mareike Talkenberg from Namibia took the coveted first position. In the Youth Girls (under 18), Kim Seebach and Stephanie Palmhert from Namibia shared in the victors spoils. In the category of youth boys (under 18), Elton Chiketa and Jonathan Mhandu form Zimbabwe defeated their Namibian and Swaziland Counterparts.

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