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Stop putting non-flushable items in toilets! – City of Windhoek

Stop putting non-flushable items in toilets! – City of Windhoek

The City of Windhoek has urged its residents to stop disposing non-flushable products down the sewer system, or to make illegal connections to any public sewer line. These, according to City officials, are main reasons for repeated blockages.

The City said in a statement that these blockages can lead to sewer flooding and even pollution into the environment, which contributes to the spread of diseases such as Hepatitis E. They remind the public that all non-flushable items should be correctly disposed of at designated municipal disposal sites around Windhoek.

The City has asked residents to note what goes down the sewer system and to know that it matters because they spend a lot of limited resources every day clearing blockages caused by things that should never have entered the sewage system.

“We are therefore relying on our residents’ support in combating this, support us in our efforts to enhance the quality of life for our people by rendering efficient and effective municipal services,” they reiterated.

The City of Windoek’s Bulk and Waste water division attended to over 1600 sever blockages in November alone and 998 of these cases were reported in the Northern Suburbs, and most of them were repeatedly reported in the same area.

Most of the items retrieved from the sewer system during the operations include tyres, car parts, stones, cattle heads, bones, blankets, clothes, diapers, sticks and steel objects.

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