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Telecom brings faster mobile and internet services closer to communities

Telecom brings faster mobile and internet services closer to communities

Telecom Namibia has upgraded 22 mobile sites and erected 10 new base stations in various parts of the country under its TN Mobile brand and has also extended its 3G and 4G connectivity to both urban and rural areas.

Oiva Angula, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Telecom said they have invested in infrastructure development over the last few months as part of their network modernisation programme.

“We focused on two key areas, the expansion and the enhancement of our networks. Therefore on network enhancement, we are reviewing the network architecture to optimise its performance and mitigate network strain. Our network optimisation will result in us consistently delivering a quality mobile service and experience,” he emphasied.

He said that in addition to all the upgrading they have done they have plans to roll out about 50 new mobile base stations to improve its 3G and 4G coverage within strategically selected areas across the country. “Network expansion and densification are strategic for us, with the goal of enhancing speeds, capacity, quality, reliability, reach and ultimately customer experience,” he explained.

Angula said they will continue to add more network sites to increase and enhance data and voice quality throughout the country with an additional investment as part of its five-year Strategy Plan. “This includes connecting all and in particular the far flung areas of the country where access to ICT services is limited. In that way we continue to serve as a catalyst of growth in Namibia’s economy,” he added.

Telecom Namibia had new 4G mobile base stations installed at Ongwediva, Tsumeb, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Rossmund, Ongha, Katima Mulilo, Katima UNAM campus and in Windhoek in Olympia, Otjomuise and Pioneers Park suburbs.

They have also modernised the latest 4G technology, equipment and software at 24 network sites around Arandis, Henties Bay, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Rossmund, Langstrand, Walvis Bay Airport and Talismanus to cater for its fast increasing data subscriber growth.

The towns of Lüdertiz, Uis, Omaruru, Rehoboth, Nkurenkuru and Okongo were upgraded from 3G to 4G, while additional 4G sites were switched on at Ongwediva, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Katima Mulilo and Windhoek’s Katutura, Rocky Creat and Kleine Kuppe suburbs. Capacity upgrades were done on other 4G base stations in Rocky Crest, Suiderhof, Pioneerspark and Kleine Kuppe.

The 3G network has been extened to the rural settlements of Chinchimane, Otuani, Anabeb, Otjomatemba, Onyuulaye, Onkani, Omatjete and Okombahe, Mpacha Airport 18 km southwest of Katima Mulilo, Oshivelo, Onathinge, Oniipa, Omungwelume, Oshigamba, Ondobe, Endola, Omundaungilo and Oshikuku.

Services at Trigbaken, Namib Fontein and Trekkopje were upgraded to 3G and Karibib and Usakos to 4G.

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