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Law Society announces new council to steer lawyers’ affairs for the next year

Law Society announces new council to steer lawyers’ affairs for the next year

The new council of the Law Society of Namibia, elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of November, has officially taken over from the previous council for the term November 2018 to November 2019.

The new council is chaired by a lawyer in private practice, Stacey Bock. The other members are Meyer van den Berg as vice chair, Vanessa Boesak, Eldorette Harmse, Etuna Josua, Gilroy Kasper, Eliaser Nekwaya and Appolos Shimakeleni. They represent both private and public law.

The Law Society is the legal regulator in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act. Its mandate is to promote the interest of its members, protect the public in all matters legal, and protect both the Rule of Law and Human Rights.

“It is further tasked with maintaining and enhancing the standards of conduct and integrity of all members of the legal profession; encouraging and promoting efficiency and responsibility in the legal profession; defining and enforcing correct and uniform practice and maintaining discipline among members of the legal profession,” the Law Society stated.

The Law Society said it also plays a pivotal role in protecting monies entrusted to legal practitioners in private practice by members of the public and it further ensures compliance with the rules and regulations regarding trust monies.

Caption: The new Law Society council, from the left, Vanessa Boesak, Gilroy Kasper, Stacey Bock (chair), Meyer van den Berg (vice chair), Etuna Josua and Appolos Shimakeleni. Inserted left and right are Eldorette Harmse and Eliaser Nekwaya.


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