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Locally produced film tackles gender violence

Locally produced film tackles gender violence

The film Tick-Tock, co-written and directed by Shilongo Ndakalako and Glen-nora Tjipura, hit the local screens at the American Cultural Center earlier this month

Tick-Tock is a narrative circling around Anna, the main character, a young woman who is caught in a toxic and abusive relationship, while she is trying to find herself.

The duo said this is their first ever film project and they believe that the greatest endowment in the human experience is coupling the things they love in service of others.

“We are so grateful for this project, the cast and crew, our executive producers and sponsors,” they added.

The ladies said they made the short film to spread more awareness to gender-based violence and to also help spread the word and campaign against GBV in the country.

Salatiel Shinedima, Director of the Women’s Action for Development (WAD) said that every voice should be used to campaign against GBV and the narrative can not only be told by women, but also men. “Men should also be part of the solutions to GBV and not just leave it to the women only because they are part of the problem,” he added.

Tick-Tock stars Eba Shambwila, Omar Jossobs, Leandra Ihula, Christine Morris Uahapirapi and Peter L. Peter, co-produced by WAD and sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Namibia.


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