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Thinking heads group together to elevate problem-solving in financial institutions

Thinking heads group together to elevate problem-solving in financial institutions

A group of young employees working for FirstRand Namibia structured themselves into a proper thinktank with the intention to find workable solutions to align the bank’s large young workforce with the strategic direction of the group.

Styling themselves as the FirstRand Namibia Bright Young Thinkers, or BYT for short, the group held its first mini-conference a week ago, sharing ideas with such eminent individuals as First Lady Monica Geingos, Isaki Lungu and Seno Namwandi.

All the BYT members are younger than 35 and want to play a meaningful role utilising their cognitive ability to lead their institution in future. Their first conference dwelled on innovation and business disruption, on systems thinking to drive performance, and on the contribution of young minds to the future of the financial services sector.

Given the abundance of young talent in the FirstRand Group, the idea to form a thinktank was mooted a year ago. This eventually lead the pioneers to organise themselves into a formal group and hold regular meetings with the sole intention of strengthening the ideas originating with each individual member.

“This voluntary forum, initiated a year ago, is a platform to align the ideals and strategic direction of the group, with the massive base of employees that are young, vibrant, visionary, and want to connect meaningfully, and lead positively in their approach to work, life and career,” said Elzita Beukes, the FirstRand Group’s Communications Manager and first chairperson of the bright young thinkers.

Caption: Present at the inaugural conference of the Bright Young Thinkers, from the left, Elzita Beukes, First Lady Monica Geingos, Hilma Petrus and Daniel Kavishe.


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