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Amir invades Windhoek again with an even bigger Persian carpet selection of only the finest quality and design

Amir invades Windhoek again with an even bigger Persian carpet selection of only the finest quality and design

Amir Motiizadeh is back in Windhoek this week with even more carpets than what he offered during the Windhoek Show. His enamoured clientèle who missed the opportunity to acquire one of his exquisite Persian carpets, only need to go to his new exhibition to appreciate the wonderful display of top quality carpets.

Trading as Sarugh Persian Carpets, Amir has grown a solid client base in a very short time with every new owner of one of his delectable carpets waxing lyrical over the beautiful design and the extreme level of quality.

This week, a large selection of his very fine carpets will be on display from Thursday to Saturday, 6 to 8 December at Bemba B&B, adjacent to the Bernina shop in 12 Akwamaryn Street in Eros close to MediClinic.

Everybody who appreciates a good carpet is invited by Amir to join him for a cheese and wine while they feast their eyes on his finest wares from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

More than 400 carpets will be on display. These are all for sale and buyers can either pay cash, do an electronic transfer or swipe. These exclusive carpets cater for all tastes and sizes, classic, contemporary, vintage and tribal, from small bedside rugs to 4m x 3m carpets and passage runners.

Amir who hails from South Africa, said he realised the potential of the regional market after many requests from friends and acquaintances to help them obtain carpets from the Middle East, of a very high standard and excellent workmanship.

This is when he started importing fine Persian carpets, first from Iran, then later also from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. “I started a Persian carpet import business and warehouse as well as supplying carpet shops all over South Africa ten years ago and have grown it to a successful sustainable business. Today, the business is run by him and his brother, assisted by four managers and their staff.

A few years ago he became aware that there are many Namibians who appreciate fine decor, so he made a foray into the local market where he was surprised by the sales he made. He realised that if he continues bringing carpets of a very high quality, there are many local buyers.

The popularity of his carpets prompted Amir to host this weekend’s exclusive sale. He will be on site all the time to give advice, answer technical questions and explain the origin and significance of both design and weave.

We believe that to build lasting relationships with our customers, it is imperative to have the business owner dealing directly with clients. Not only are we abreast of market trends and the needs of our clients, but the direct contact with buyers sets our shop apart,” he said. After all, a Persian carpet is an investment for life.

Viewing and buying from 13:00 to 21:00 on Thursday 06 December and 11:00 on Friday and Saturday (every day until 21:00).

Enquiries: Barnie van der Walt – 081 127 1694 or Milankie van der Walt – 081 1281694 or send a mail to [email protected]


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