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Kazapua re-elected as Mayor of Windhoek

Kazapua re-elected as Mayor of Windhoek

Following last week’s election of office bearers of the City of Windhoek, it was announced on Friday that Councillor Muesee Kazapua has been re-elected as Mayor while Councillor Loide Kwasha Kayiama is the new Deputy Mayor.

The election was held last week Thursday, 29 November 2018. The election is not for the full council but only for the two top office bearers and for the five members of the management committee. They are Councillors Agatha Shilelo, Chairperson of the Management Committe, and Matheus Amadhila, Moses Shiikwa, Matrid Ukeva and Teckla Uwanga.

The City said in a statement the annual elections only applied to the office bearers of the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor and the five members of the Management Committee and not to the entire Council, thus the City Council remains as is.

His Worship Kazapua congratulated the new office bearers, saying their responsibility is an essential element to the system of democratic local governance, because it provides a continuous link between council and the electorate. “Therefore we should stay on course and continue with the implementation of projects as set out in the Transformational Strategic Plan 2017-2022, particularly those that are aimed at uplifting the standard of the livelihood of our masses,” he stated.

The Council plans to continue giving priority to allocation of plots to residents, particularly those in the informal settlements. The pre-allocation concept entails that residents will be allocated land before it is serviced in order to make money available for servicing plots and to install pre-paid electricity meters giving priority to the north and north-western suburbs.

They also aim to provide water and sanitation to under-served areas, construct affordable housing in informal settlements and increase investment in renewable energy such as solar and bio-gas in 2019.

The Council stated that it is convinced that if these priorities are successfully carried out, they will have made positive inroads in the provision of basic amenities to residents, come the end of 2019.

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