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Arandis to become industrial hub

Plans to turn Arandis into an industrial hub are in full swing, according to Andrew !Hoaeb, communications officer at the Arandis Town Council.
!Hoaeb said the implementation of the town council’s five-year strategic plan to transform the town is in place and the council is trying hard to attract investors to the town in a bid to bring changes and increase business traffic.
Plans are also under way to construct a shopping complex next year. Other development activities planned for next year include the revamping of the local airport, which will make it easier for business people to travel, the construction of a health centre by the Ministry of Health and Social Sciences and the development of the 10MW Solar Power Plant by Greenam Electricity.
Land has also been approved for the establishment of a hotel.
To further enhance growth and diversify the economic activities within Arandis, the municipality is  currently seeking potential investors to acquire fully serviced industrial land in a prime business area.
According to !Hoaeb, the call for investors is part of the municipality’s efforts to set a foundation for Arandis to grow. He said they are targeting investors from various sectors including manufacturing, service providers to the mines, tourism and hospitality as well as renewable energy plants.
For the initiative, the municipality has joined forces with Windhoek Renovations Properties. “Windhoek Renovations Properties is a private developer and thus a very important stakeholder in the process by way of availing serviced industrial land to potential investors,” !Hoaeb said.
Furthermore, the municipality is also working in partnership with Rossing Uranium Limited, Rossing Foundation, AREVA, SANDVIK and

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