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NamiGreen, Education Ministry to foster recycling and job creation

NamiGreen, Education Ministry to foster recycling and job creation

NamiGreen’s recent partnership with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture will allow the company to bring recycling facilities into the government complex and see people freely dispose of their e-waste.

The recycling company said following this partnership, it will continue to expand operations through partnerships with additional organisations and public institutions, adding that it’s recycling initiatives can help more families eat better and keep a roof over their heads through job creation.

Additionally, NamiGreen will implement modern technology and techniques to separate rare earth materials from recycled devices.

“E-waste throughout Africa represents a growing problem that already makes a tragic impact on many communities. Namibia has an opportunity to serve as a model for both e-waste recycling and economic development opportunities related to it,” NamiGreen said in a statement.

NamiGreen has developed partnerships with the private sector, mining operations, government agencies, and other organisations throughout the country. With its aggressive and effective outreach, the company expects to move quickly toward its goal of establishing a strong and productive e-waste recycling program throughout the country.

Caption: f.l.t.r. Gwendy Platt (NamiGreen) Ervast Mutota (Director of Arts) and C.M. Vries, (Senior Education Officer) here seen standing next to one of the new e-waste bins from NamiGreen that citizens of Windhoek can use to dispose their electronic waste.


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