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MTC launches SmartShare

MTC announced the launch of a new internet and mobile solution called SmartShare that allows customers the flexibility and freedom to choose their own packages under one invoice.
SmartShare is a combination of packages giving customers the convenience of the best of both worlds combining the internet and up to three mobile devices, all as part of one service.
MTC says customers get these exciting products by following these simple steps.
“First select your Internet or Package from the three available options which include SmartShare 4 with speeds of up to 4 Megabytes per second (Mbps) at the price of N$399 per month. SmartShare at the price of N$649 per month with up to 7Mbps or the SmartShare 20 for the price of N$799 per month with the speed of 20 Mbps.
“Then select your mobile packages- SmartShare 100 (which comes complete with 200mins, 200 smses and 200 MB of data) at the price of N$100, SmartShare 200 with the benefits of 400mins, 400 smses and 400MB of data for the price of N$200. The third offering is SmartShare 300 with 600 mins, 600 smses and 600MB, or a customer can have the Unlimited Mobile Package for N$600.
Finally the customer chooses a smart phone of his liking. Further detailed information is available at MTC fair policies apply. To sign up customers can visit any of the MTC Mobile Homes countrywide.

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