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Take responsibility for road safety

The Swakopmund Traffic Department has committed itself to ensuring that business is conducted amidst normal traffic flow and within the parameters of the laws of the country in the Erongo region. It has also urged drivers to “drive with reason this festive season”.
“Since the Decade of Action for Road Safety has been launched on 11 May, this office has been working to enhance road safety and reduce the road carnage, especially in this region. Factors such as drunken drinking will be dealt with strictly and in accordance with the law,” said Trudie Xaogus, senior traffic officer at the Swakopmund Traffic Department.
Xaogus further said the traffic department’s main focus will be on ensuring the free flow of traffic in and around town and also within the given 10 to 20 kilometre zone.
The traffic officers will embark on a range of activities which will include intensified speed measuring, random alcohol testing and roadworthiness checks.
“We would like to call on all Namibians to take responsibility for road safety as this is something that will influence us all as a nation should it not be addressed with the needed urgency,” Xaogus said.
She said although no fatalities were reported in Swakopmund during 2010, the entire Erongo region had the second highest number of crashes, peaking during the festive season last year.
“They say accidents are predictable thus they are preventable, so all the black spot areas will be covered in order to ensure that they are indeed prevented from happening. Let us enjoy the Festive season and ensure that we prove the records wrong with regards to the carnage on our roads especially during festive seasons,” Xaogus concluded.

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