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DJ Kboz to make bold return at last Night Under the Stars

DJ Kboz to make bold return at last Night Under the Stars

The last edition of Night Under the Stars this year will welcome on stage DJ Kboz and a live band for a stellar performance on 30 November.

Aiming for a bold comeback, DJ Kboz will premiere his new project EP 38. Entrance at the Goethe-Institut will be free of charge and the show will start at 19:00.

Born Bosley Keya in Kenya, DJ Kboz migrated to Namibia in his late teens and pursued a career that blossomed in 2000 as he dropped the beats at almost every festival or party in his vicinity.

“I do music because I am passionate about it and I know there is a future for me in this industry so I am her to make history and document it,” he said.

He spend about nine years to produce his latest offering EP 38, an afro dance music compilation, a project that brought together the likes of Slickartie, Paradox, KP Illest, Ethnix and Skrypt.

“Musicians on the Ep where chosen carefully, some where chosen because of their talent and adversity in the industry, while some where chosen because of their talent that was not being acknowledged,” he added.

DJ Kbox explained that he enjoys the process of creating with other people and taking their talents to new height. “The while creating process and how the idea comes to life is something that gives me goosebumps,” he concluded.


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