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Windhoek City authorities urge residents to adhere to the water management plan

Windhoek City authorities urge residents to adhere to the water management plan

The City of Windhoek in a statement said that the weekly water consumption for the period 5 to 12 November was extremely high.

This was the highest consumption level of the season so far at 9.3 more than allowable, the city fathers said.

The authorities said the current consumption is not sustainable and can lead to the early depletion of water stock and increase the likelihood of another water crisis and severe restriction being enforced on all consumers.

Therefore their plea is for consumers to strictly adhere to the terms of the City of Windhoek Water Management Plan.

The City fathers asked the residents to keep pools covered, to manage their water meters to ensure early detection and corrective action to avoid unnecessary water losses and high utility.

“Keep within the applicable restrictions pertaining to washing activities, do not use water to clean paved areas and do not use a hose pipe to wash vehicle,” they added.

Furthermore the public was also urged to renew their water saving efforts in order to realise the required savings targets and get back to within the allowable consumption.

“We rely heavily on water consumers to continue with optimal water management to ensure security for the foreseeable future,” they concluded.


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