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Nedbank’s Private Wealth to provide proper management to benefit future generations

Nedbank’s Private Wealth to provide proper management to benefit future generations

By Natasha Jacha.

Nedbank Namibia recently launched its Private Wealth under the theme “Using ones wealth to bring about a positive change to the world as well as leaving behind a legacy for your family and the next generation”.

The Nedbank Private Wealth provides holistic advice through offering a wholly integrated international approach to servicing client needs. This is achieved through its award-winning wealth management offering comprising banking, investment and fiduciary services

Speaking at the event Nedbank Namibia Managing Director, Lionel Matthews emphasized how the proper management of wealth can benefit generations to come.

“As a bank, Nedbank Namibia has an integrated approach to the full range of banking and related services, and knows the importance of building not only your personal legacy, but a legacy that your family and the next generation can be proud of. We have always had full understanding of the progress money brings to all our lives when it is managed well and prudently,” he said.

Guest speaker Ilze Alberts, a renowned Psychologist, Life Strategist and international published author, gave a thought provoking presentation on the importance of educating ones children to take over wealth responsibly.

The author of the book, ‘Passing the Torch’ said “Family wealth creation is a challenge only a few ever get right, and it is a scary fact that only a small percent of family wealth will make it passed the third generation.

Alberts further explained that some of the ways to ensure the torch is passed on is to ignite ambition within children, to create strong family missions and values as well as to maximize on unique talents of each family member to create the next generation of wealth creators.


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