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Banks have to migrate their business clients away from Java before 31 January 2019 deadline

Banks have to migrate their business clients away from Java before 31 January 2019 deadline

The notice which Java users have received with the last two Java updates informing them of changes to Java’s commercial application, is fast becoming an operational liability for organisations running their digital back-offices on this popular platform.

Since late 2017 and throughout this year, Standard Bank has been migrating its Business Online users from the old Java platform to its new double-factor authentication website specifically for commercial users. This is in anticipation of Java support for commercial use which will end on 31 January 2019.

This week, FNB announced a similar move, warning all its commercial digital banking users that over the next three months, they must complete the migration to the bank’s Smart inContact for Business platform, also based on double-authentication business banking direct to the server for commercial users.

“This ensures that our clients always remain in control and secure when banking,” said the Manager Online Banking at FNB Business, Kathleen Nell, adding that globally, technology is moving away from the Java means of securing.

Smart inContact for Business uses the latest technology via the FNB Banking App to authenticate customers no matter fromwhere they log in while ensuring that all transactions needing authorisation on Online Banking Enterprise are affected securely.

Clients will no longer require a Digital Certificate and password to authorise any transactions as this will be replaced through a notification approval process using their linked smartphone and their unique PIN.

“Instead of using Digital Certificates which are Java dependant, we will now deliver a notification directly to your phone requesting you to ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ the transaction. We also offer a ‘report fraud’ option if you are not responsible for the transaction. Access to your Online Banking Enterprise profile will no longer be limited to which PC and/or browser you use to access your business banking from and all transactions are approved on your phone via our Banking App. This allows authentication when logging in from the device of your choice with the linked Banking App,” said Nell.


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