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Organisations to become efficient

The Namibia Business School (NBS) and the HPO Centre in The Netherlands signed a cooperation agreement to improve the long term performance of organisations in Namibia, this week.
The signing of the agreement demonstrated that more and more African organisations are committed to becoming a high performance organisation (HPO).
Dr André de Waal, academic director of the HPO Centre, gave several presentations on national television in Namibia and gave a lecture about HPOs and performance management for directors and senior managers.
De Waal founded the HPO Centre to support organisations across the globe to strive for long-term excellence. The HPO Centre has conducted many years of scientific and practical research which organisations can benefit from. The centre works with many organisations in Europe and America, as well as with organisations in developing countries.
The Namibia Business School has been established in response to the needs of the Namibian market.

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