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iChoose Youth Leadership Values Programme launched

iChoose Youth Leadership Values Programme launched

By Linda Machinga

iChoose Youth Leadership Values Programme was recently launched at the UN Plaza Katutura in Windhoek.

Councillor Emmanuel Paulus from Office of the Mayor said the programme is a noble initiative which is geared towards answering the challenges faced by society in particular among young people.

The programme seeks to create solutions for the future and focuses on values, principles and norms.

The programme launch consisted of 16 lessons on values for the youth and included simulations in form of round table-talks. After the exercise certificates were handed over to the participants.

This programme as an investment in our youth, is a means to an end, therefore after being awarded those certificate do not overestimate your abilities, rather use it as a foundation to apply these values and commit make wiser choices on a daily basis. As a city we face crucial economic times, which necessitates for us to pull together in the right direction without duplicating and rather employ complimentary approaches, which could easily happen through galvanised partnership from government, society and businesses,” added Paulus

The programme was also designed to help participants accomplish certain goals such as taking ownership of their choices, evaluate themselves with their applied knowledge.

The Chief Executive Officer of the School of Destiny Associates (SODA) Sidney Boois said the programme in itself is a Youth Empowerment model, more so youth empowering the youth.

The programme is not prescriptive in approach, however facilitates a conducive environment to generate better choices in relation to attitude, commitment, relationships and growth,” he added.

In addition, Boois said Windhoek as a starter needs more youth entertainment centres, land for information centres and coffee shops instead of shebeens.

The iChoose Programme is part of a Global Youth Initiative of the John Maxwell team of speakers, trainers and coaches who annually undertake this social investment programme to the youth in the society and offer it for free with the intention to reach over a 1 million worldwide during the month of October.


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