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Human Capital Fishing embroiled in shareholder dispute

The Human Capital Fishing Company cc is a black empowerment company which was established in 2008. Our company has wide interest in Farming, Mining, Fishing, Property Development [and] Asset Management just to mention but a view. [few]
Our company is operating in line with Vision 2030 to empower Namibians to become active in the mainstream Namibia economy and thus addressing the plight of the marginalized broader Namibian society.
Since the establishment of our company, the Human Capital Fishing Company has significantly contributed to the upliftment of the Namibian society. This has been done in the spirit of sharing our resources with the Namibian society which is our social responsibility philosophy.
Last year, our company was awarded a fishing right by the Ministry of Fishing and Marine Resources in line with Government policies to empower all Namibians to participate in the mainstream Namibian economy.
Lately, much has been written in the media about the relationship of Human Capital Fishing Company and the HEFDY Group of Company. We would like to put on record that the shareholders of Human Capital Fishing have a healthy relationship with all the companies making up the HEFDY Group of Company. Our company has therefore no intentions to divorce from the HEFDY Group of Company as alleged in some of the local media.
As shareholders of Human Capital Company cc, we would like to distance our self from the irresponsible articles which lately appeared in some of the local newspapers.
Respectfully Yours,
Human Capital Fishing Company cc Shareholde’s
(Published verbatim – Ed.)

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