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Breweries follows broad 7% industry trend in substantive two-year wage agreements

Breweries follows broad 7% industry trend in substantive two-year wage agreements

The Breweries this week announced an across the board 7.5% annual wage increase backdated to 01 July 2018 for the 417 employees in the bargaining unit and another 7% for the year starting on 01 July next year.

Releasing the basics of the agreement between itself and its employee representatives, Namibia Breweries Ltd said it has concluded a substantive two-year wage agreement with the Shop Steward Committee members.

As part of his perks, the full-time shop steward, Asalia Mushinga will get an additional N$1200 per month and a cellphone allowance of N$250 per month.

“The two-year substantive agreement which affects 417 employees in the bargaining unit (grades 1 to 5) is effective 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2020, and includes a 7.5% wage increment (1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019), and a 7% increase for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020,” the Breweries stated.

The agreement also includes a housing allowance of N$1202 per month, and an incentive bonus for the two-year period based on company performance. Affected employees are also guaranteed a 13th cheque equal to one month’s pensionable salary.

The Manager: Human Capital, Timothy Izaks said the negotiations were conducted in an amicable spirit, noting the huge difference a positive and understanding relationship contributes to the process.

“Although we had a very lengthy and tough negotiation process, both parties were focused on improving the living standards of the employees, while maintaining the sustainability of the company. Our people remain our greatest asset as they keep our business going despite the harsh economic times. We understand that they too need to take care of themselves and their families while the cost of living is on the rise,” concluded Izaks.

Caption: Sparring partners in this year wage negotiations at Namibia Breweries Ltd, from the left, Jimi Hill, the Manager: Remunerations, Edison Ndjarakana, the Shop Steward at Central Distribution, Asalia Mushinga, the full-time Shop Steward, Timonthy Izaks, the Breweries’ Manager Human Capital, and Erastus Shangala, the Manager Human Capital Service Delivery.


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