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Veterans to get more this year

The Veterans Register now stands at over 24,000  after the Ministry of  Veterans Affairs added almost 2000 new names to the list last year. The Ministry of Veteran Affairs this week held a press briefing at which they announced their achievements for last year as well as their plans for the year 2013.
Speaking at the briefing Hon. Minister Nicky Iyambo said that 2012 was a good year for the ministry as they achieved a lot. Last year the ministry registered 1,872 veterans bringing the total number of registered veterans to 24,457. It established a digital archive for the ministry, conducted medical and social assessments on more than 1000 veterans of which 600 underwent medical examinations and they also introduced the new Veterans Registration and Payment System and the Veterans Fund Payment System.
Last year a feasibility study was conducted in the Khomas region to document trauma on veterans of the bush war. The study indicated that there are many people that need counselling. Iyambo stated that the ministry will look for space in their budget to carry out a Psycho and Social Counselling Programme.
This year the ministry plans to build thirty houses for veterans throughout the country, to review the ministry’s Strategic Plan, it’s Annual Work Plans and Performance, to have a Computerised Asset Register and to introduce a system for quarterly verification of the existence of veterans.
Iyambo also said that the ministry’s other plans include the continuation of registration of veterans and the programmes under the social assistance, the completion of the erection of the King Ipumbu Ya TshilongoMonument in the Omusati region which will cost more than N$18 million and will be funded by the ministry, the National Heritage Centre as well as other stakeholders.
In November 2012, construction on the Etaka Veterans Recreational Centre started.

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