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Namibia Ports Authority acquires Liebherr mobile cranes

Namport has acquired 2 new mobile cranes which will improve efficiency as well as cut cost borne by importers and exporters.

Namport has acquired 2 new mobile cranes which will improve efficiency as well as cut cost borne by importers and exporters.

The Namibian Ports Authority officially added 2 new Liebherr LHM 550 Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHCs) to the existing logistic equipment. These state of the art equipment, purchased at a price tag of N$ + 80 million arrived on Monday, 07 January 2013 and is currently being assembled at the Port of Walvis Bay.
Bought from an Austrian based company LIEBHERR, the LHM 550 MHC’s are set to increase the port’s handling capacity.
The assembling and commissioning of the new MHC’s is envisaged to be completed towards the end of February, 2013 and will officially be handed over to the Namibian Ports Authority.
The acquisition of the cranes constitutes an important step in the modernisation of the Port of Walvis Bay. With a remarkable efficiency profile and technical specifications, the LHM 550 is designed for versatile and efficient cargo handling of up to post-panamax-sized vessels. A maximum lifting capacity of 144 tonnes (depending on winch configuration) and a 54m max radius makes the LHM 550 the right solution for all cargo handling needs i.e. containers, general cargoes, bulk materials or break-bulk.
The increase of the MHC fleet at the Port of Walvis Bay from 6 to 8 (existing 1 x LHM 280, 1 x LHM 400, 4 x LHM 500 and new 2 x LHM 550) also means that, only 7x such cranes by weight limitation are able to operate on berths 1-3. This will enable the terminal to deploy a total of 6 cranes at any given time on berth 1-3, as well as to simultaneously allow for effective maintenance rotation as one crane is planned to be either on standby or to be on scheduled maintenance.
Currently vessels calling at the Port of Walvis Bay berthing at berths1-3 use the existing Liebherr 500 MHC’s resulting in crane productivity levels of 10 to 18 moves per crane hour. The new MHC’s productivity for containers is set to compliment that achievement. The extended operator tower creates an additional advantage in that the operator’s visibility is enhanced and this reduces fruitless restows and improves safety.
The arrival of these cranes will also not only reduce the waiting time of vessels, but also the cost borne by the importers and exporters.

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