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Local professionals headed to Germany for the History Festival

Local professionals headed to Germany for the History Festival

The History Festival “War or Peace” which is a four day event organised and funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, was launched last week at the Namibia Scientific Society.

A group of young locals will fly to Germany upon invitation to attend the event which will take place from the 17 to 21 October in Berlin, where over 400 young professionals up to the age of 30 from over 40 countries are expected to attend.

The group consists of 11 locals from various constituencies. One of the professionals, Isdor Kamati a librarian at the Namibian Scientific Society and Liina Nambahu a history student at UNAM will present a workshop focusing on Namibian’s history.

This workshop will be one of 20 workshops offered at the Festival and will focus on the events that led to World War I in German South West Africa and the consequential development which crafted modern Namibia and the different stages of Namibia’s history from subjugation to liberation will be explained and discussed.

The objectives of the Festival is to learn from the past to understand the present, get to know different interpretations of history, (de) construct interpretations of history and question history polices, that is focusing on today and thinking about war and peace.

The participants wholeheartedly thanked the German Embassy for this opportunity of a lifetime which takes some input and for providing visas free of charge and Santam for sponsoring the required travel insurance and Lothem Safaris for donating document bags.

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