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Cohen dominates both leagues – crowned champions

Cohen dominates both leagues – crowned champions

The Bank Windhoek Fistball League playoffs which took place at the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) fistball grounds, saw the clubs Cohen 1 and Cohen 3, two of Cohen’s Fistball Clubs (CFC) outclass their opponents to be crowned champions of both the National A and B Leagues in Windhoek over the weekend.

The hosts and former champions, SKW 1 met fourth seeded CFC 2 and squared it off in the National A League’s first semi-final and from the first whistle SKW 1 started off the stronger side as they dominated the match without giving their opponents a chance to execute their tactics and the final score was 3:0 in favour of SKW 1.

CFC 1 and SKW 2 faced each other in the second semi-final, where Cohen 1 who only had four available players to field saw themselves trailing 7:3 against their host in the first set. But the momentum later shifted towards CFC 1 as a result they caught up with their opponents, surpassing them to win 12:10 and in the remaining two sets, CFC 1 kept their form they cruised through and the final score was 3:0 in favour of CFC 1.

In the match for third place, CFC 2 caught SKW 2 on the back foot to secure the first set and SKW 2 then fought back into the game and ultimately won 4:1. The final match was played by CFC 1 and SKW 1 and the young Cohen squad started the match better and earned a three point lead. SKW 1 managed to reduced this lead but CFC 1 remained stubborn and won the first set 12:10. The build up and efficient conversion of the Cohen attackers resulted in an impressive 4:0 victory over SKW 1.

The final saw Swakopmund Fussbal Club (SFC), put up an exciting battle against CFC 3 and as the contest progressed, CFC 3 managed to secure the first set just before SFC’s Torben Winterbach made the match challenging for CFC 3. CFC then went on to win the fifth and sixth sets with a final score of 4:2.

That result meant that both Cohen teams outplayed all SKW’s teams in the National A and B Leagues respectively. Rico-Kühnle Kreitz from CFC 1 walked away with the player of the day award after helping his team put up an exceptional performance during the playoffs.

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