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Capricorn Group’s newly established corporate advisory firm launched

Capricorn Group’s newly established corporate advisory firm launched

Capricorn Group has reached another milestone with the official launch of Capricorn Capital, a newly-established corporate advisory firm and wholly-owned subsidiary of Capricorn Group.

Speaking at the launch held this week, Group Managing Director Thinus Prinsloo, said “Capricorn Capital adds an exciting disruptive component to the financial sector, spicing things up with a team of creative thinkers, veteran dealmakers and top deal executioners led by Managing Director Mark Durr.”

“The Capricorn Capital team has excellent product skills and strong regional and broad industry knowledge to provide their clients with bespoke, novel, integrated and intelligent financial solutions. Capricorn Capital will, from time-to-time, partner with leading industry specialists to deliver the best solutions to its clients,” he added.

Capricorn Capital, which has offices in Windhoek and Johannesburg, provides strategic, corporate finance, capital raising and specialised finance advice to public and private companies, private equity firms, family offices, governmental and other bodies located in or wishing to invest in Southern Africa. In addition to advising clients, Capricorn Capital will assist Capricorn Group to expand its operations in Southern Africa.

“The Capricorn Capital team’s unique multinational corporate, investor, government, regulator and advisory relationships are augmented with Capricorn Group’s strong relationships in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. Capricorn Capital aims to become an investment banking champion in Southern Africa and to play a key role in driving economic growth in the region”, said Mark Durr, Managing Director of Capricorn Capital.

Capricorn Group operates in a regional financial services environment which is experiencing macroeconomic challenges that will take time to address.

“In this environment, our strategic choices guide us to find opportunity in a regional approach, new products and service offerings, while achieving operational excellence and increasing integration between the entities in the group. We made several acquisitions to diversify our revenue streams and reduce reliance on interest income. We have deliberately chosen operational excellence as the way to win in the implementation of our strategy. This informs our corporate culture, our daily choices and organisational design”, added Thinus Prinsloo.

Despite the current turbulent economic circumstances, Capricorn Group has recently delivered resilient results with total comprehensive income increasing by 5.9% year on year, indicating growth and delivery of shareholder value. With the introduction of Capricorn Capital into the market, it is clear that the group is serious about expanding its operations and living up to our objective to be a catalyst of sustainable opportunities. “Capricorn Group is steadily diversifying and already has several subsidiaries, establishing the group’s relevance, competitive advantage and regional footprint,” added Thinus Prinsloo.

Caption: Johan Swanepoel (Capricorn Group Board of Directors, non-executive Chairman); Mark Durr (Managing Director of Capricorn Capital) and Thinus Prinsloo (Group Managing Director) at the Capricorn Capital launch.

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