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Southern Business School Namibia graduation to cap 270 students

Southern Business School Namibia graduation to cap 270 students

By Linda Machinga

The Southern Business School Namibia’s graduation and study week will take place in Windhoek, this week.

A total of 270 graduates from different programmes and degrees will be honoured and rewarded, while 500 students will attend the study week sessions on 19 to 20 September.

The students will receive degrees and certificates in many different fields and sectors that the institution offers which includes, Management, Advanced Diploma in Management, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Policing Practice, Bachelor of Business Administration Honours, Bachelor of policing Practice Honours and Masters Degrees as well as students being rewarded for academic achievements for the respective qualifications.

Director of the Southern Business School Namibia Albin Jacobs said to the students about to graduate “These students embody all that is positive about Distance Education. They are securing a better life for themselves through education, while many hold down a full or part-time job at the same time. That is an incredibly powerful notion and one that we at Southern Business School Namibia are extremely proud of. Distance education is a real and viable option when wanting to pursue tertiary education.”

During the same week the bi-annual Southern Business School Namibia study week is hosted in the capital, the study week is a great session that adds value for all involved.

According to the institution, the live sessions serve as an opportunity for students to come together to meet and learn from their lecturers and fellow students. Cases are discussed face to face, project are done networks are built and friendships forged.

Southern Business School Namibia provides this Student Week, with highly respected lecturers which benefits our students and adds an extra dimension to their Distance -Learning experience,” said Jocobs.

Furthermore, the Study Week in Windhoek provides distance education students with a sense of community, they are from all 14 regions, yet they are linked through their desire to pursue tertiary education. When they meet with their lecturers, students see this as an opportunity to clarify and discuss those difficult areas of subjects.

In addition, the students enrolled with the institution have not only grown in numbers, but we are seeing students pursuing consecutive degrees and courses,” added Jacobs.


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