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500 reasons to love Fiat

Unmistakably Italian, Undeniably You, the new 3-door Fiat 500

Unmistakably Italian, Undeniably You, the new 3-door Fiat 500

The first time I saw the Fiat 500, my immediate thought was how can a car be so cute and pack so much power. I even mumbled “sei molto bella” while the car cruised in front of me.
The car is really not too different from the first Fiat 500 that was designed by Dante Costa and manufactured between 1957 and 1975 except that the latest Fiat 500 looks as if it has a moustache on the grill area. The new Fiat 500 shows that the company has come along way from the 3 metre long closet originally powered by a 497cc two cylinder, air cooled engine.
The rear features a distinctive chrome handle reminiscent of the number plate light holder found on the original model, and similar in shape to that of a bicycle saddle. The interior offers great attention to detail, quality materials used, and instruments that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but are also easy to use. Chrome elements, two-tone seats, and a dashboard that perfectly matches the body colour combine with handy storage compartments and small details, like a fragrance dispenser, to create an environment that is both elegant and functional. And one that can comfortably accommodate four people.
The Fiat 500 is also brilliant, technologically advanced, through its Blue&Me. This technology allows the driver to send and listen to incoming SMS messages, interpreted on the Bluetooth Blue&Me mobile phone. The driver can also consult the phone book and listen to MP3s through a series of voice commands. Blue&Me supports most mobile phones with Bluetooth technology. This feature is the result of the collaboration between Fiat Auto and Microsoft, and will change the way you communicate and listen to music on the move.
It also has standard safety features including 7 air bags as well a seat belt reminder system. The car  comes with a 3-Year/100,000 km warranty and 3-Year/100,000 km full maintenance plan.
This small car is not only petite and elegant, it is also zippy. Taking a close look at the car all I can think of are reasons why one should own this little Italian beauty and I can only think of five now. One it is an Italian passion, two, with this car you don’t have to dress too fancy, the car does it for you. Three it features a distinctive retro look, four it is a flirting jewel and five it is fuel efficient. It has many features that will make you want to fall in love with it. I can only mention so many before I start sounding a bit love-struck. But I am sure, any women, once she has laid eyes on this Fiat, will find the other 495 reasons to get herself into the car.
With a starting price of N$152 000, it would make a perfect gift for Valentines Day, and what better way to say I love you than with an Italian car, after all Italian is the language of love.

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