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Parliamentarians expected to report on government projects as National Assembly resumes

Parliamentarians expected to report on government projects as National Assembly resumes

Following the August recess, the 8th Session of the 6th Parliament resumes on 11 September and several Parliamentary Standing Committees who undertook visits to different regions are expected to report back on these activities be tabled for the House’s consideration in this session.

The different committee members set out to investigate government projects and conduct public hearings on items referred to them by the House prior to the August recess.

According to David Nahogandja, spokesperson of the National Assembly, bills that are likely to be tabled during the 8th session as per indication by the Ministry of Justice include: Combating of Rape Amendment Bill; Obsolete Laws Bill, National Symbols Bills; Criminal Procedures Act Repeal Bill; Administration of Estates Amendment Bill; Electronic Transaction Bill; Public Enterprise Bill; Transfer Duties Bill and the Plant Breeders Bill.

Other Bills that are likely to be tabled include the Arms And Ammunition Bill; Financial Services Adjudicator Bill; Deposit Guarantee Bill; Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority Bill and the Financial Institutions and Markets Bill.

During its 7th session which ended on Thursday, 12 July, the House passed 9 Bills which amongst others included the Nursing Amendment Bill; Medical and Dental Amendment Bill; Social Work and Psychology Amendment Bill and lastly the Pharmacy Amendment Bill.

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