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Bonlife Assurance helps women fight cancer through national cancer outreach programme

Bonlife Assurance helps women fight cancer through national cancer outreach programme

By Linda Machinga

Bonlife Assurance and the Cancer Association of Namibia (Can) recently celebrated the launch of a new Bonlife insurance plan to support women fight cancer and financially contribute to CAN’s National Cancer Outreach Programme and Women’s Health Clinics.

The 100% local Life Insurer named, “Bonlife Pink Plan,” was introduced as a progressive insurance product specifically designed for women.

Chief Operations Officer of Bonlife Mr Johan Lotter said, “Our research shows that many women and mothers have never taken any women related prevention test such as mammograms and Pap smears, due to the high cost associated with these tests. As part of our commitment to our community we at Bonlife designed the Pink Plan with the following benefits: cover for serious illnesses and diseases, disability, retrenchment and accidental hospitalization”.

According to Lotter, women are mostly the caretakers of their families and nurturers of children, and they need to be looked after and cared for..

The preventative examination is a free benefit of the Pink Plan which allows a policy holder for ages older than 40 to undergo a cytology (Pap smear) test and breast ultrasound every 24 months free of charge. And the tests will be facilitated by CAN throughout Namibia.

In addition, if the client lives in a remote location and needs to travel to the nearest clinic, Bonlife will provide the client with an additional N$1000 for travelling expenses. If the insured is diagnosed with a women related disease such as breast or cervical cancer, Bonlife will increase the cover amount to be paid out to the insured by 25% at no extra cost to the client.

“At Bonlife, we believe in the wellbeing of our clients and communities and as part of this commitment, Bonlife is also donating N$10 of every premium paid on a Pink Plan policy, to CAN in support of the good work they doing throughout Namibia,” added Lotter.

Chief Executive Officer of CAN, Rolf Hansen, stated that the organisation depends on the community to sustain their programmes. “It is through the dedication and commitment of partners such as Bonlife, that we are impacting lives positively,” he concluded.


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