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Exhibition to increase awareness on the impact of poaching

Exhibition to increase awareness on the impact of poaching

Artist, Vaughn Riekert on his fist solo exhibition which kicked off last week showcased 20 unique paintings of anguished faces with sawed off elephant tusks and rhino horns.

The exhibition, titled Poaching, will run until 1 October at the FNCC and entrance will be free of change.

In his exhibition the artist is making the matter of animal poaching a very personal one and imploring humans to extend empathy and compassion to fellow earthlings.

Riekert portrays the startling perspective of how the loss of endangered wildlife has both an emotional and generation effect on the population but in a greater sense the entire world.

He shows how closely related humans are to their animal counterparts, particularly in pain and tragedies, he shows how a terrible joss to them is also a loss to us.

“Poaching implores Namibia, and all humans essentially, to think before stealing from another, regardless of whether the other is human or not,” he said in a statement.

The son of the son, Riekert, acquired his Art Diploma from the College of the Arts in 2017 and has participated in group exhibitions such as New Beginnings and The Amazing Namibian Woman.

In his work he tends to focus on facial expressions and the emotions channeled through the faces to his audiences.


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