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No trucks between Swakop and Walvis Bay

Trucks were banned between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay for the holidays.Numerous fatal accidents have occurred on the 30 kilometre road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund especially during the festive season. In a bid to curb fatalities this holiday, heavy trucks, truck-trailer-combinations and two and three-axle trucks are banned from this road between December and 15 January.
“In order to address this problem the Roads Authority urgently appeals to all stakeholders to make provision for all trucks on the road from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund and vice versa during this time to make use of the inland route only,” Conrad Lutombi, acting CEO of the Roads Authority said in a statement.
It is a matter of national interest rather than imposing legislative measures, Lutombi said.
As from the 7th of this month to 6 January, an embargo has been placed There will also be an embargo on abnormal load vehicles on all weekdays between the 7th of this month to 6 January.
Only the MR44 inland route on the eastern side of the dune linking the two towns will be used by the trucks from December until 15 January.
Road blocks has also been set up across the entire Erongo region as from 1 December. A road block has been set up just east of Swakopmund on the B2 road and another on the coastal road about four kilometres from Walvis Bay. There will also be a road block between Karibib and Usakos and travellers will be tested for drunken driving at all road blocks.
According to the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund, a total of 381 road accidents were recorded during the festive season in 2010, which resulted in 1067 injuries and 71 fatalities.

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