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Windhoek Lager brings worldwide rhino conservation to the Isles

Windhoek Lager brings worldwide rhino conservation to the Isles

Windhoek Lager has made considerable inroads in the United Kingdom since entering this market in 2010 but it needed an African cause that resonates with its British ale drinking clientele. After due consideration, its brewer, Namibia Breweries Ltd, opted for the rhinoceros, an African icon beyond description.

Aligning Windhoek Lager with rhino conservation was Namibia Breweries’ first aim. Finding an organisation to carry this noble cause proved slightly more problematic. In the end, the brewer decided to launch a campaign in support of the work done by the UK NGO, Save the Rhino International. This effectively linked Windhoek Lager’s considerable involvement with rhino conservation in Namibia to a UK conservation group with interests across the world.

Namibia Breweries Ltd’s Manager for Export Markets, Antonio Simoes, said “The Windhoek Lager brand has built a strong following in the UK over the last few years so we are excited to be starting this sales push and marketing drive ahead of the summer. We are incredibly proud of our heritage, provenance and charity work protecting our amazing ecosystems and wildlife so it is great to be linking up with Save the Rhino International to raise further funds to support the incredible work they do.”

Windhoek Lager is distributed in the United Kingdom by Morgenrot. Their Sales Director, Graham Archibald said “The partnership, activities and events planned will be key to driving brand awareness, supporting accounts and increasing stockists, and it is fantastic to support Save the Rhino International in their struggle to conserve and protect rhinos.”

Namibia Breweries is no stranger to strong conservation themes. In Namibia, it is a leading supporter of the national campaign against rhino poaching. This include the Breweries’ support and sponsorship of the ‘Blow The Horn On Rhino Poaching’ campaign launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism; the Namibian Police and Intelligence Support Against Poaching.

Save the Rhino International is instrumental in supporting rhino conservation groups across Africa but it casts its net wider, also assisting with the conservation of the critically endangered rhino species in Asia.


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