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City fathers warn public against fraudulent land applications

City fathers warn public against fraudulent land applications

The City of Windhoek held a press conference this week following a trend whereby residents with disabilities are being used in applications for land.

Hon. Councillor Hileni Ulumbu said there are property developers who get public members with disabilities and front them in applying for land with a notion that such projects are aimed at providing employment and uplifting the living standards of people with disabilities.

“But yet when one goes an extra mile into investigations of the ownership of the companies, these people being fronted do not even appear as members of the companies they are reported to belong to,” she said.

She cautioned the public at large not to fall victim to those with fraudulent intentions of fronting them to get their land application through and later abandon them after such approval has been granted.

“This insensitive practice by some member of our society is unacceptable and should come to an end as a matter of urgency,” she warned.

She added that against this background that in order to ensure good governance, fair allocation and equitable allocation of urban land, that the city urges cooperation from people with disability to alert the City if they suspect of being fronted in land application.

Meanwhile the City said it will ensure that internal land allocation control measures remain vigilant to ensure that land applications being approved and those being submitted requesting approval along the line based on the applicant being person with disability be well merited.

“We prioritise improving the conditions of living of all our residents and thus will continue to place priority to address socioeconomic inequities and will therefore ensure that our residents with disability remain priorities in land allocation, hens this effort aimed at creating awareness to alert our people with disabilities to be cautious and not be taken advantage off by people with sinister intention that will stop at noting when making short cuts in their motives to obtain land for property development and eventually abandon the previously disadvantages once they have amassed their maximum profits from land and eventual property sales,” she added.

According to Ulumbu, being a Councillor with a disability herself and serving on the Council, she encouraged residents to approach her for guidance on the subject matter.

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