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Where is the Sport Commission administrator?

To the Editor,
In a country where the top echelons of society supervise and safeguard elements of division and polarization of our country, the power and ability of sport to unite this country, despite hunger and poverty, cannot be underestimated. In a country where there seems to be no direction as far as empowerment of the natives is concerned, the power and ability of sport towards economic empowerment cannot be overemphasized. Sport crisscrosses various areas such as economic opportunities, physical health and [immunity] from social ills. Indeed, biologists have long made us aware that sport leads to improvement in physical health, such as weight control, strength building, increased flexibility, enhanced coordination and improved cardiovascular health, as well as pain reduction.
Of importance, sport’s contribution to economic development must be amplified. The United Nations Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace correctly concluded that “sport offers a cost-effective tool to meet many development and peace challenges, and help achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.” If properly coordinated, sport markets such as activities, equipment, and events can reap sound benefits for this country. [?]
It is our 2013 focus that sport is promoted in all 13 regions, 107 constituencies, and especially in villages. We will soon enter government sport storerooms, with our Minister of Sport,  to provide freedom to sport equipment that are locked up by lazy bureaucrats instead of delivering these needed equipment to thousands of Namibian youth. While the youth in rural areas convert their socks into soccer balls, these balls are idling and rotting in government sport storerooms.
It is in the same spirit that we welcome the N$20 million investment in national football by Bidvest Namibia. This contribution by a Namibian company, other than orthodox investors in football, is an indication that the beautiful game is set for positive growth. That doesn’t mean we are oblivious of the need of democratization and transparency in Namibian football.
To that end, it is our considered view that the development and growth of sport can be attained [but] not by the actions of those placed in charge. For a year and about 6 months now, our country has had to do without a Chief Administrator of the Namibian Sport Commission. It is unacceptable, to say the least, that such a crucial position remains unoccupied for such an extended period of time following the suspension of Mr. Rusten Mogane since 1st July 2011. As such, we have set aside 6 months of concomitant actions with the Ministry of Sport and its responsible subordinate structure to ensure that our country has a Chief Administrator for the Namibian Sports Commission.
Kanandjembo Shipululo Amupanda
[email protected]
Swapo Youth League
24 January 2013

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