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Health from the soil

African Potato Products (Photograph contributed by Sufranja van Zyl)

African Potato Products (Photograph contributed by Sufranja van Zyl)

Natural medical distributors in the country have grown significantly with individuals serving as agents for a variety of products believed to boost hair growth and stronger immune systems amongst other cures.
This week, The Economist caught up with Sufranja van Zyl, sales representative of South African produced, African Potato products in the country.
African Potato has been around for a long time and have grown in popularity amongst   people in the country with agents providing products countrywide.
According to van Zyl, Afrika Aartappel products are made with 100% natural ingredients and have no added preservatives. “All African Potato products have no side effects as they are made from natural origins.”
She said African Potato is all about absolute health. “We believe in health from the soil and we do have a cure for most diseases. Our motto is health from the earth and we help people lead healthy and illness free lifestyles.”
African Potato, also known as Hypoxis Rooperi, is a natural immune booster that is believed to  increases the body’s natural resistance to diseases. It contains the highest concentration of sterols and sterolins of all known plants. Products of African Potato include Sprays, drops, ointments, cosmetics and capsules and can even be found in various pharmacies around the country.
The products have become very popular over the last couple of years and van Zyl commented that sales are going well as the products really work.
The main branch of African Potato is situated in Swakopmund and products can be found almost anywhere in the country.

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