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Local manufacturer embarks on campaign to curb waste – now offers refill options for their products

Local manufacturer embarks on campaign to curb waste – now offers refill options for their products

Local manufacturing company that has a diversified range of cleaning products and accessories as well as equipment, Elso Holdings is now offering its customers the option of refilling containers with its cleaning products to curb wastage and save money.

Four of Elso’s factory outlets around the country will now offer this convenient and environmentally friendly service to its clientele.

This refilling option is available at their factory outlets in Oshakati, Walvis Bay; Windhoek and Swakopmund.

In Windhoek it is even possible to get your containers refilled on Saturdays. With Elso expanding its footprint in the country and even across the border into South Africa, the refilling operation is an intrinsic part of Elso’s overall offerings and services, and will continue to be rolled out.

According to the company, the refilling facility is a clear manifestation of the improved service and product offering Elso is delivering to its stakeholders.

“As a Namibian company we believe in being a good corporate citizen and contributing in a meaningful way to the nation. Helping reduce waste through the refilling option, is a great way of contributing to a better and cleaner country,” they added in a statement.

Hilton Loring, CEO of Elso Holding said, “If we do not collectively do something to curb our plastic waste, we will soon have an insurmountable problem globally. Offering our wide array of cleaning products to our customers as refills and through decanting really seemed like an obvious solution and a win-win situation for all involved. So, we at Elso made it happen and it’s now already available at four factory outlets across Namibia.”

Meanwhile according to the company a massive 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced globally each year, with only 10% being reused or recycled at present.

“Through re-using and recycling plastic products we can contribute to reducing the plastic waste that is produced. By simply refilling the bottles, containers and jars at our factory stores, the need for new containers is significantly lowered,” the company added.

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