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First Gam permit day garners 270 cattle and weaners for Okapuka Feedlot

First Gam permit day garners 270 cattle and weaners for Okapuka Feedlot

Meatco, through the Gam Farmers’ Association, organised the first permit day in Gam, Otjozondjupa region, which supplied a total of 270 slaughter cattle and weaners to the Meatco Okapuka Feedlot.

About 58 farmers promoted their best quality cattle while ensuring that the animal welfare regulations and procedures were observed.

The Farmers’ Association generated a commission of N$8100, which will be ploughed back into the development of the Gam community.

According to Manager of Livestock Procurement Communal at Meatco, Patrick Liebenberg, the farmers were pleased with the prices on permit day because they were in line with our slaughter and Okapuka Feedlot’s prices. No injured animals were marketed.

“Although times are difficult, communal producers must always see Meatco as a partner in farming. Therefore, we will not only be present for the short-term benefit of producers, but long-term additionally,” said Liebenberg.

Meatco has assured continued involvement and commitment in communal areas and is expected once again to buy cattle from the Gam farmers in September.

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