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Late New Year bash in Rosh Pinah

At a time when the Orange River valley is notorious for temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, the miners who live near the river chose to celebrate New Year, helping them to forget the intense heat, if only for one day.
Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine in collaboration with Skorpion Zinc Mine are hosting a New Year’s bash in the town of Rosh Pinah to celebrate the start of 2013 this coming weekend at the Skorpion Zinc Sports Park.
Although a little late, it has become a tradition for the town to celebrate the New Year with a bash which includes live performances from various well-known Namibian artists such as award-winning Tequila, Sunny-Boy, Sikera Band, Vanity, Vivian and the Rockets.
According to the organisers, following the success of last year’s event the two sponsors decided to make it an annual event.
“This is also deemed imperative by the two mines as a way of giving back to the local community. Due to the distance from the capital, Rosh Pinah residents do not get opportunities to attend live shows and meet their favourite local artists. Through the News Year’s bash, we are creating that platform,” said  Tuafi Kakunya, Communications Officer at NamZinc.
He said the invitation is open to all Namibians, especially the neighbouring towns, who would like to use this opportunity to visit the beautiful and picturesque town of Rosh Pinah and most importantly to join the residents in celebration. Rosh Pinah is only 140km from Oranjemund and 160km from Aus.
Entrance is free. There will be a kiddies entertainment programme full of fun activities and games starting at 09:00 until late afternoon. Later in the evening, once the heat has subsided, a spectacular fireworks display promises to knock the crows out of their socks.
The bash itself, with all live performances, starts at 19:00.

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