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PDM concerned about the growing number of strikes and mass actions

PDM concerned about the growing number of strikes and mass actions

By Manuel Ngaringombe

PDM Secretary General, Official Opposition

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) is concerned with the growing number of strikes and mass actions by disgruntled employees in the country of late.

As the official opposition in Namibia, we are calling on all employers and worker representative groups to regularly consult with their employees and members, to avoid such actions as they are detrimental to the productivity of their respective companies and country at large.

These actions also create animosity between the employers and employees that encourages hostility within the workplaces.

Regular and productive consultations and engagements between these parties can easily avert such occurrences’ as well as the worst case scenarios’ of possible job losses for the employees, and productive time lost for the employers.

The PDM has noted with concern that due to the current economic challenges, employers are more concerned with the productivity of their companies and may easily forget that these same challenges are also affecting their employees.

We call upon both parties to embrace the need to take into account pertinent workplace issues, as they seek to maintain their profit margins afloat and satisfactions for a hard day’s work.

Let us all adopt mindful practices to take control of these workplace problems for a better and productive Namibia going forward.


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