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Tallismanus settlement gets high-speed mobile and fixed broadband services

Tallismanus settlement gets high-speed mobile and fixed broadband services

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, recently launched high-speed mobile and fixed broadband services at the Tallismanus settlement in the Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region.

The first-ever modern telecommunication services for Tallismanus were made a reality after Telecom’s completion ofthe construction of a high-speed fibre optic cable stretching from Buitepos via De Hoek to Rietfontein and then Tallismanus.

A converged 4G (LTE) TDD/FDD base station for mobile voice and data services also went live.

“This Constituency has more than 6,300 inhabitants. One should admit, without doubt, that this is a deep, outlaying rural area. But the remoteness will not deter the Government and its stakeholder like Telecom Namibia to help improve lives through essential infrastructure roll-out,” said Simataa.

He said that such digital investment by any ICT service provider in rural areas enhances opportunities for citizens of all ages, adding that such investment supports sectors like farming in data collection and observation, students and youth in learning, and residents in day-to-day life with connected devices.

Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer, Theo Klein said bringing fixed broadband and mobile coverage and internet to a rural area gives that community a real boost – both economically and socially.

“I am pretty sure this development provides an opportunity for especially the youth to make a real difference to their community. I am looking forward to seeing this community light up and start to experience the benefits modern fixed and mobile connectivity,” Klein said.

The Ovambanderu Senior Chief, Erastus Kahuure expressed the community’s gratefulness towards the government and Telecom Namibia for bringing modern telecommunication services to the community of Tallismanus, while urging the community to meaningfully use the service to better their lives.

Caption: The Minister if Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, Otjombinde Constituency Councillor Katjanaa Kaurivi and Special Advisor to Omaheke Governor Pijoo Nganate at the launch of Telecom Namibia services at Tallismanus on Friday 10 August.

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