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Young entrepreneur utilises social media space – kick-starts own clothing brand, ‘Namswagg’

Young entrepreneur utilises social media space – kick-starts own clothing brand, ‘Namswagg’

A young entrepreneur has taken advantage of the every growing social media realm and started his own brand, dubbed, ‘Namswagg’.

Salomo Festus started the brand through his Instagram account which featured quality pictures of people that looked good and represented Namibians from various backgrounds.

It is through his interaction on social media that the idea blossomed and came to reality as he started his clothing brand that speaks to locals and not just as an Instagram account.

Salomo said the aim of the Namswagg brand is actually for people to embrace their unique way and style of dressing up, taking pride in the country and encourage people to support local and showcase to the world around us what Namibians are made of.

“I also do this to make the world understand that we are diverse and that we also have fashion sense and our own unique style,” he explained.

He hopes his brand will reach and speak to tourists too and all those that visit the country and return back to their countries with a unique memorabilia.

According to Festus Namswagg products can be attained by visiting the Instagram and Facebook @saloxnamswagg and @namswagg respectively or by email to [email protected].

The prices of the products are N$200 for T-shirts, N$100 for Caps, N$150 for Tops, N$200 for Vest, N$450 for Hoodies, N$180 for Leggings, N$50 for Sticker and N$350 for Official Shirts.

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